Boiler Sequencing Panels

We provide unique, fully configurable boiler sequencing panels that can be customised to suit the needs of your operations. Using a boiler sequencing system ensures that boilers are fired in a controlled manner, providing cost savings by preventing individual boilers from over-firing and cycling on and off unnecessarily.

All of our sequencing panels feature:

  • A high-quality panel, designed to the customer’s specification.
  • An intuitive design.
  • Password protected control of features such as lead boiler selection and setpoint control.
  • Auto change setpoints based on the day/hour to provide efficient use of the steam/hot water.
  • Autorotation of lead boiler.
  • Set a specific sequencing order for each lead boiler.
  • Record detailed historical data to suit your own requirements.

Insight sequencing panel

Insight is an advanced boiler sequencing program that provides a boiler house operative with up-to-date information on the current state of their plant whilst controlling each boiler to ensure that they are operating efficiently, potentially providing substantial savings on fuel costs.

The system is capable of controlling up to 10 boilers from one screen and can also be integrated with our System 5000 software to provide a drilldown into each boiler to display lower-level information along with detailed fault data.

An option is available for multiple screens to be utilised, thus enabling a main control screen to be present in the boiler house whilst one or more distributed screens are present in offices scattered around the premise to enable full visibility of the system from the comfort of your chair.

Bespoke sequencing panel

Dunphy are able to offer highly intuitive boiler sequencing panels that build on our decades of experience in the combustion arena. For instances where our standard sequencing system is not suitable, such as when a customer has very specific hardware and software specifications, we are able to offer bespoke boiler sequencing panels that can offer many of the advanced features of the Insight system whilst being tailored to suit exact requirements in terms of the look and feel of the system, the hardware it is built upon such as the PLC equipment and the HMI, and the specific control methodology.

Why choose Dunphy?

We’re the leading provider of combustion equipment in the UK and have over 50 years’ worth of experience in the industry. This means there’s no better choice for your boiler house repairs. Get in touch with a member of our expert team to learn more.


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